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Rules of Engagement!

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Rules of Engagement! Empty Rules of Engagement!

Post by Darell_Swings on Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:21 am

The Rules of Engagment apply to every gang on the server, Official and Unofficial
and should be followed fully. If you're thinking of making or joining a
gang on the server then please take a look through all these rules so
you understand completely about how things work in gang wars.

I will not
tolerate anyone breaking these rules that have been setup to keep
things in gang roleplay organized and at a safe level where roleplay is
still involved more than guns. Below are the rules that you must follow and a code to every rule if you want to place them into your Faction Forums. Remember, you can be admin jailed for not following these gang rules when it comes to any sort of attack with your gang.

You can send me a PM by clicking here if you have any thoughts or ideas on new rules or adjusting the current ones.

You are not allowed to setup and attack an enemy gang unless there are three
or more members online. There are exceptions to this rule which include
a enemy gang member(s) coming into somewhere you claim as your
terrority or if they start attacking you first.

  • This
    does not make a gang member completely untouchable towards violence
    against him from a rival gang. They're still allowed to speak to you in
    character and roleplay with you as much as they want, they just can't
    go out of their way to find you and kill you for the fun of it.

mafias, mobs or civilians are allowed to assist any gangs in wars with
rival gangs. Outsiders who are connected to the gang are the only ones
allowed to assist a gang in wars.

  • This
    rule is very simple to understand and should be easy to follow. There
    is an exception towards this rule too which are - If a rival gang
    attacks another gang while they're meeting with a mafia or mob,
    obviously the mafia will want to protect themselves so they're allowed
    to defend against the attacking gang if they feel it's needed.

you're brutality wounded in a previous gang war by a rival gang. You
must stay out of any attack your surviving gang members do on the gang
for atleast one hour.

  • The
    best way of doing this is just roleplaying you're too wounded or you're
    wearing a cast because of the previous attack so you have no chance of
    attempting to attack them. Just stay out of any attack on the gang for
    atleast one hour.

Your gang is allowed to form an alliance with one other gang in the city. You can only be neutral or enemy status with other gangs in the city if you already have an alliance.

  • If
    you are planning an attack against a rival gang with your allies, you
    must not exceed a 2:1 ratio against the rival gang. Meaning, if they
    are five members online from the rival gang, you and your allied gang
    can only attack with ten members, no higher. They are exceptions if you
    and your allied gang are hanging out in a place you claim your turf and
    an enemy gang attacks, the ratio does not come into effect and every
    member from each gang can defend against the attackers.

a certain ammount of weapons can be used when attacking a rival gang.
There are some weapons that are illegal and should not be used when
making an attack against a rival gang.

  • This
    rule is to give gang wars a more realistic and enjoyable feel for
    everyone. It's too stupid to watch gang members running around with
    M4's or RPG's, it's not the Iraq war that we're fighting.

  • LEGAL WEAPONS: Desert Eagle, Silenced Pistol, Shotgun, MP5, AK47, Rifle & Molotov

  • ILLEGAL WEAPONS: M4, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher & Grenade

No Headquarters camping. You are not allowed to stay at another faction(s) Headquarters for more than five to ten minutes. Only visiting once every one hour.

  • There
    is an exception to this rule. If the area you're in is only a turf of
    the enemy gang and not a Headquarters then you're allowed to stay there
    for aslong as you feel is needed if you're trying to claim the turf as
    your own or force the enemy gang out of there.

whining and crying when you get killed by an enemy gang. You can
question them on why they made these attacks on you but being abusive
towards them or calling them names isn't needed at all.

  • This
    rule was put in to stop the constant whining and crying that was
    happening after someone got killed by an enemy gang. I understand it
    can get annoying but there is no need to spam local out of character
    chat with it so please don't do it. If you feel you were killed
    unfairly then make good use of the Report Player section and i will try to deal with your report as soon as possible.

You are allowed to attack three times per day with a large ammount (8+) and five times per day with a small ammount (7-). Do not exceed this limit of attacks per day.

  • This
    rule should hopefully stop the constant attacks per day which leave no
    time to roleplay or ruin any chance of roleplaying because bullets are
    flying around all day. This should also make you choose when to attack
    wisely and make an attack more thought out instead of just going into
    an enemy gang turf and shooting away when you feel like it.

you're killed in an attack and spawn back to your house, without being
brutality wounded, you must stay inside the house for atleast three minutes. Do not go back into the attack zone.

  • This
    basically cancels out any confusion when players die in a gang war,
    respawn and come back into the attack zone, causing either confusion
    for the attacking gang and/or get killed again because they don't know
    whether you've already been killed. If you cannot /enter the house
    because it's locked, please use /flip straight away when you respawn.


Rules of Engagement! Ub
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