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Funny Stories!

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Funny Stories! Empty Funny Stories!

Post by Jerome_Swings on Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:31 am

Did you experience something crazy? Or did an OOC event go out of control?
Post your story and screenshots here!
And let us laugh with ( Or at ) you! Very Happy
Hand Of The Law
Hand Of The Law

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Funny Stories! Empty Re: Funny Stories!

Post by Darell_Swings on Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:35 am

Nice topic! +Cred!

- Oh, so what did I experience?
Well, yesterday, February 17th..

First I got ninja-jacked, lost an insurance. Then I got DMed by a random dude at the airport, then DMed by a fat mafia guy, then ninjajacked again. Then some cops came and metagamed, and wanted to jail me for something I already HAVE been jailed for. So, they start powergaming too. They metagamed, and knew EXACTLY who I am without asking for any ID.

THEN I lost my weapons. Got ninja-jacked again. And to end a wonderful day, I had to wait 20 minutes at LS Prison, waiting to visit Zeeshan, before I eventually got sent home because no cops were available.. PERFECT DAY -.-

- Darell Swings

Funny Stories! Ub
187 Gangsta' Mile
- We know who you are. An' one false move dawg, you gon' know who we are.
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Funny Stories! Empty Re: Funny Stories!

Post by Zee_Ali on Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:19 am

well it was prison all day, some new guy was sent to prison, he started all badboy on me, so i ended making a deal with a guard,soo the guard let me in with that new kid and cuffed him , so i beat the hell outa him, then at like midnight , me and some chink decided to beat up a guard he was alone , then we batterd the guard the stupid ****** called a status 0 , all of a sudden 3 swat, 2 guards, 5 cops with mechine guns and that like its a shoot out , jheez
Ghetto Soldier
Ghetto Soldier

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Funny Stories! Empty Re: Funny Stories!

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