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Tha' Story [IC/OOC]

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Tha' Story [IC/OOC] Empty Tha' Story [IC/OOC]

Post by Darell_Swings on Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:56 am

Tha' Story [IC/OOC] F_1hc6ce02m_e143494

Tha' Story [IC/OOC] F_10vptm14nm_6594aa2
Back in 'dem ol' days.
We used to grow up togetha'. Y'all know. Not tha' gangbangin' shit. Jus' three boys explorin' the world, ya'know.
Dan's Italian though, but tha's not the point. We spen' much time togetha'. Every day actually. When I left my home, I was out there with 'dem two crazy nigguhs. Cal and Dan. Man, they my closest friends, f'sho.

Yo, so I'm Dray by tha way.
Jus' Dray. Bu' we were real close. Then 'dem ol' boys tol' us abou' weed. Man, fo'real, that was some crazy shit. Smokin' a blunt every mornin' made me a real fuckin' madman. Of course, with one comes anotha', and soon we were ou' slanging shit on the streets, clockin' our colts, pickin' up bitches, buyin' 'dem big rides.
Then I go' family, an' moved to Liberty City. To work fo' 'dem feds. I wan'ed out of the ghetto world.

Bu' while I was in LC
Cal and Dan kep' runnin' tha' fuckin' block. 'Dey shut up ev'ry nigguh who go' too close, one way or anotha'.
They kept slangin' shit, every day, earnin' them big payrolls, while I sat 'dere on my fuckin' ass doin' bitch as papa'work. So much fo' workin' fo' 'da fuckin' white house. I stuck there tho'. Untill my wife decide' we had to go back to LS. She misse' the ghetto shit. So we move' back. Som' motha'fuckin' ex-con foun' my family, broke in while I was gon', an' shot my wife and son. Man, he could'a been a fuckin' professional basketball player. He had 'dem fuckin' skill. Cal an' Dan heard about this shi'. So, we strappe' up, an' went fo' 'dem motha'fuckin' bitches. An' we realize', we worked best as a team. An' we needed to grow!

As 'dem days rolled by
We started pickin' up more guys. Cal kept runnin' the business like a fuckin' candy shop. Dough ran in, sugar went out. 'Den I learned to put that hard steel togetha'. Anotha' way to earn money. So I started workin' that shit, Cal kept his fuckin' candyshop, and Dan kicked some fuckin' ass when 'dem nigguhs got too close.

Tha's when we met Brosco.
Big guy. Think he's Russian, I never asked. Works as a mechanic. He's a cold ass fuck, pluggin' a bullet in everyone, if he don't like 'dem nigguhs. He's like motherfucking terminator. 'Dem big guns, and everybody goin' down. Rob came too. Whitey. Kid from England. A real fuckin' white pimp. 'Dem girls jus' comin' for him all 'da time. He a goo' kid though. Helen came too. White bitch. She knows how to deal the shit on 'da street though. So Cal passed his business down to her. That's when we started the gang.

First years
'Da first years of 187 G-Mile went slow and steady. Not much happened, but we kept advancing. Sold more, earned more, made alliances with F13 and Las Colinas Kings. Slow and steady.
Now we're aiming for the motha'fucking top! Failure's not an option!

Cal, Dan an' I roll this shit now.
And we gon' keep rollin' 'da motha'fuckin shit, 'till tha sun drops dead!
Yo' got a problem? Tell us.
Yo wanna join? Prove yo' worth!

187 Gangsta' Mile

- We know who you are. An' one false move dawg, you gon' know who we are.
We control 'dem streets!

Tha' Story [IC/OOC] F_v60cfm_9d34f27
We all togetha'. Nothin's more important than a fella' gangsta!
Everythin' yo' earn from tha' gang job (drug deals o' whateva'), you pay tha' gang 10% fo' upkeep.
If someone in tha' gang sells shit, you buy it from them. It's often cheapa', and you help a frien' earn.
Yo' listen to yo' superiors.
If yo' got a problem with someone, talk abou' it. Kill o' attack a fellow gangsta', yo' out fo' life!

Tha' Story [IC/OOC] F_q3pm_adccd13

We do, currently not accept OOC applications to join our gang. In case you're interested, you should seek us out ICly, and RP your way into the gang. Of course, don't just walk up to us. We're gonna meet you eventually. And don't ask us. If we want you in, we ask you.

This gang is still unofficial, and untill we're sure we're gonna stick together, I won't even consider applying for an official position!

We're currently allied to Weston Brothers.
We have no enemies as of now.

Gang and alliance members get 5-10% discount on all weapons bought from Darell_Swings.
Gang and alliance members get 5-10% discount on all drugs bought from Helen_White.

Ranks are as follows:
Kingpin (Boss)
All privileges.

Hand of The Law
Same privileges as the Kingpin, although, cannot appoint new subleaders!
Ghetto Soldier
Allowed to recruit new members. Influence on the final word, regarding changes within the gang. May change position of dealers, if profitable (telling a drug dealer at Temple, to move to Commerce, for example), may give orders in a fight!
Allowed to deal at the hood/block, discount on all internal deals.
Street Learners (outsiders)
If using the correct skin, these may deal at the hood, with permission from a gangmember.

Skin IDs:
Kingpin - ID 297
Hand of The Law - ID 176 or 177
Ghetto Soldier - ID 143 (no white skin currently available for this rank. Please, feel free to give suggestions!)
Hustla' - ID 185
Gangsta' - ID 296, ID 226, ID 185 (no white skin currently available for this rank. Please, feel free to give suggestions!)
Street Learner - ID 7.

Gang colours:
King Blue (ID 158)
Light Purple (Any light purple color)
- Credits to Devonte Smith for the pictures!

Tha' Story [IC/OOC] Ub
187 Gangsta' Mile
- We know who you are. An' one false move dawg, you gon' know who we are.
We control 'dem streets!

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